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               "Experience Pays...but Inexperience Costs!  ...George W. Troutman

                  Inexperience can undermine your success...     

You and the management team have a vision for the company's growth.  That is why a geological consultant who can add the needed experience and assistance and keep up with that vision is so important!  To stay competitive in today's fast-paced oil and gas industry, it's crucial that your geoscience teams not only keep pace with, but are able to enhance your business objectives for growth now and in the future.

TGA has experience in state-of-the-art technology, geological evaluations and drill-site and leasing recommendations to increase oil and gas reserves and business growth strategies.  Vertical and Horizontal well experience is but a portion of the overall technical abilities Troutman brings to each assignment.  Continued growth and productivity for your upstream E&P company is what it is all about.  Let George and TGA help you achieve those goals!